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Welcome to Head Gear, a new way to Augment your reality. Head Gear is an absolutely unique mobile experience that lets you explore who you are and who you can be. Head Gear uses real time, cutting edge face tracking technology to overlay a virtual world on top of your reality.

Utilizing best in class, revolutionary face tracking technology, Head Gear harnesses your phones raw processing power and allows you to create a blended reality as you see it. Explore Sports, Horror, Humor, Glasses, and Science Fiction, with more categories and Head Gear being added all the time!

Many types of Head Gear to chose from!

And more categories and Gear being added all the time.

Want to explore awesome Science Fiction helmets, scare your friends with terrifying horror masks, or use or Humor categories to laugh with your friends? You can do all this and more with Head Gear.

Available for iOS

Head Gear is available for iOS, and coming soon to Android

There are no apps like this on the store (we checked)... So try it out, we guarantee you have never experienced anything like it.

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